LI: W.A.L how to identify and describe the important ideas of the story from the characters point of view.

Mahuika -The Goddess of Fire

Hello I am Mahuika the goddess of fire. I made Mataaho warm by putting big fires around him because Mataaho’s wife went away. One night Mataaho didn’t return and his wife went away.
We all have to respect the crater because Mataaho will be angry and the volcanoes will erupt and the ground will shake.
We call the Maungawhau crater Mataaho’s food bowl or Te ipu ata Mataaho.
We don’t walk inside the bowl or walk around it.
Nowadays people live on Mangawhau and respect Mataaho’s food bowl.
In the future people will need to respect my fire craters that I put around Mataaho to keep him warm.
Overall we should take care of Mangawhau because we want to have the birds back.