LI: W.A.L how to identify and describe the important ideas of the story from the characters point of view.

The Whau Flower of Maungawhau

By Mina, year 3

I am the whau flower and I live on the whau tree. I live on the bottom of Maungawhau or the mountain of the whau tree.
Every night I saw Mataaho come back from hunting. His wife gave him a shower and also some food. She also gave Mataaho a warm bed.
One night I saw that Mataaho did not come back and I saw his wife angry. So she packed and left because Mataaho did not come home at the right time.
Then I saw Mahuika build fires around Mataaho to keep him warm.
After that I saw the Ngati Whatua people giving him food to keep him happy.
Today I still know everything about the mountain because people walk past me.
The birds come and lick my flowers and then they tell me their stories.
Overall in the future, I believe that people will look after the mountain and know my story because I am an important part of the mountain as the mountain is named after me.